What to Consider at the Start

Budget. For obvious reasons, this is probably the single most important factor. The price of an apartment depends on a variety of factors — size, location, building type, condition and features, among others — so it is critical that you determine your budget at the outset.

Manhattan has dozens of neighborhoods, each with its own flavor and personality. A number of factors can effect where you live: you might want to be close to work or your children's schools; maybe being close to a park is important; perhaps being close to great restaurants and cafes is key. The good news is that New York offers something for everyone — if you are not that familiar with the city, please review our neighborhood guide.

Building Type and Amenities
First, you need to decide if you prefer a co-op or a condo (please review our section about co-ops and condos for more information about the differences between the two). Next, determine the importance of features such as doorman, concierge, pre-war, high rise, pet policy, health club/pool, etc.
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